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LED Light Therapy

For acne, anti-aging, wound healing and pain management


Light Emitting Diode


LED phototherapy is the application of light energy to tissue to obtain therapeutic benefits. The energy is used to improve cellular performance. Phototherapy is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties and has a variety of applications across many medical fields. Research has shown that phototherapy can: increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, kill acne bacteria, decrease inflammation, improve skin tone, texture and clarity, reduce ease muscle and joint pain, stiffness, spasm and arthritis.


Therapeutic Benefits

  • Blue lights - penetrates through the epidermis and is known to kill P. acnes bacteria

  • Red lights - penetrates into the dermal layer to enhance collagen and elastin production through photobiostimulation

  • Near-infrared (IR) - penetrates deepest and increases micro-circulation to help with tissue repair, decreases inflammation and aids in pain reduction. Studies has shown, near-infrared has an angiogenesis property. 

  • Red + IR - when combined together, it can assist with up-regulation of ATP process with angiogenesis which speeds up wound healing

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How does it work?


  1. The LED lights emits photons

  2. Photons are absorbed in the mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cells) and cell membranes

  3. This leads to an elevation of ATP (energy currency of the cells) synthesis

  4. Enhanced energy metabolism occurs


Varies depending on your needs

The Celluma PRO is flexible and can be used for your face, back, stomach, legs or arms​


Must be used on clean, dry skin as minerals in makeups and sunscreens will reflect the lights reducing the effectiveness

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About Celluma

Celluma is a professional grade light therapy device that is FDA-cleared and medically CE-marked for dermal wound healing. 

The device is embedded with red, blue and near-infrared lights derived from the same technology originally developed by NASA.


As the Celluma PRO is flexible, it can be placed easily and with comfort on your body. Studies has shown, the closer the lights are to your skin, the better the absorption of the emitted energy resulting in better results. 

What will you feel?

A gentle warming sensation that is extremely relaxing. It is pain-free.

When using it for the face, you will sense the lights pulsating. The pulsating function optimise the cellular response which enhances the results. The pulse can be turned off, if you are very sensitive to lights.

LED Application time

15 to 30 minutes (everyone's skin will be different)

Recovery time

As the LED light therapy is a non-invasive treatment, no downtime required. 

Nature Tokens

Key Therapeutic Benefits

  • Reduces acne bacteria

  • Improves elasticity and firmness of skin

  • Stimulates collagen production

  • Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improves circulation

  • Reduces inflammation and stiffness

  • Eases pain relating to arthritis, muscles and joints

  • Improves skin tone, texture and clarity

  • Accelerate tissue repair


Avoid LED Light Therapy if you are:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding

  • Suffer from seizures or epilepsy

  • Taking cortisone injections or any steroid injections

  • Taking photosensitive drugs

  • Under 12 years old

  • Have known metastasis

Treatment Options

LED Light Therapy (Face) with Manual Lymphatic Drainage - 60 min $150

(Please email for bookings)

Including basic facial cleanse to remove any traces of foundation and sunscreens. Followed by Dr. Vodder's MLD for the Neck and Face sequence to reduce any swelling, puffiness, erythema and improves cellular signalling to prepare for the LED Light Therapy.

Relax under the warm red LED Lights for enhancing collagen & elastin production. MLD for your arms, stomach or legs can be incorporated. Aftercare with Ultraceutical products. 

LED Light Therapy (Excluding Face) with Manual Lymphatic Drainage or Massage  

Add on $20 

(Use Book Now button for bookings)

Adding LED light therapy to the stomach, arm, legs, or back during your MLD or Massage session to enhance the result of the treatment.

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Want to read more about the science behind LED light therapy?

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