Catherine is a very dedicated therapist and passionate about her work. Science and the human body has always been a topic of interest. Having completed the Bachelor degree in Science majoring in Physiology and the Bachelor degree in Health Studies (Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy) with academic excellence award, she continues her journey with the human body as she takes on further postgraduate studies and personal developments.

Through her own experience, Catherine has a particular interest in working with clients suffering from chronic pain/conditions, migraines and headaches utilising different techniques. She also has a particular interest in stress-related pathologies, chronic fatigue, autoimmune conditions and lymphatic system-related symptoms.

A fully qualified therapist in Dr Vodder method for lymphoedema management, Catherine incorporates manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) into her treatment for not just lymphoedema but a wide variety of conditions. As an experienced level 7 massage therapist, Catherine focuses on both objective and subjective observations/testing, client history, current and future goal(s), health psychology, evidence-based practices, as well as believing the lack of evidence does not mean it does not exist, it could be we have not discover the connection/link yet. With genuine care and interest, Catherine has the skills to create individual treatment plants specific to your needs. 

Catherine specialises in MLD as well as neuromuscular therapy which is an umbrella term that covers a wide range of modalities and techniques that assist with soft tissue recovery including remedial, sports, deep tissue, relaxation response, trigger point therapy, myofascial and TMJ works.


Everyone is different

There is no one treatment fits all. We are individuals with different past, current conditions and future goals.
We must include all aspect of a person - nutrition, stress, fitness level, physical, psycho-social and belief system when helping a person in pain.

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  • Bachelor of Science in Physiology from The University of Auckland

  • Bachelor of Health Studies in Massage & Neuromuscular Therapy (Academic Excellence Award) NZCM

  • Diploma in Health Science in Massage and Sports Therapy (AEA) NZCM

  • Diploma in Health Science in  Therapeutic Massage (AEA) NZCM

  • Certificate in Relaxation Massage (Distinction) NZCM

  • Dr Vodder method of MLD and CDT (Therapy II & III)

  • Diploma in Beauty and Spa Therapy (Hon.) ELITE

  • CIDESCO Diplma in Beauty Therapy (Top Theory and Thesis)

  • Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner

  • Reiki Level 2